Having an au pair.

Having a Christian girl who sees their mission as coming to help your family for a year or two can be a great blessing. A relationship of this kind can be a lifelong experience.

Having an au pair is not like just having a cleaner or cook or paid worker, it is offering a sharing of cultural and Christian experience. We specialise in matching Christian Au pairs from Europe or the Commonwealth to families where they are able to work and serve; and where they can benefit from the hospitality and church life of a Christian family.

What does an au pair do

The au pair is expected to work for up to 45 hours per week, ideally with weekends free. (This might be different if you are a church leader and need help on Sunday). The work is primarily childcare but can include such things as washing, ironing, light housework (vacuuming, dusting), and meal preparation.

All au pair tasks should be focused specifically on the children. Typical daily tasks can include:

  • Waking the children, dressing infants and toddlers, bathing and playing games with them
  • Preparing meals for the children, tidying their belongings, making their beds and doing their laundry
  • Driving the children to or from school appointments and activities
  • Caring for and watching the children while they are asleep if the parents are not at home
  • Reading to the children, praying with them and sharing an understanding of Christian living.

What is their role in the family

An au pair should live with, eat with and share in the aspects of social life within the family.

It is important that they have the opportunity to communicate in English. Because they are born-again Christians they will fit easily into a family who have a sincere faith and appreciation of Christian behaviour and ethics. They will want to join in with activities of the church. From our experience of placing 4,000 girls in Christian homes you will find them a joy and pleasure to be a part of your family.

What does it cost

Our charges are simple.

Application Fee: $125

Matching Fee: $450

Extension Fee: $350

Be aware that the main part of your costs will be to our American partners Cultural Homestay International for about $950 for the year.

Finally you will pay the au pair a weekly stipend of $200 minimum per week, depending on your State.

There is no extra charge for flights, insurances, au pair interviews or visas.