Christian Au pair in San Fransisco

Being an au pair in another country for almost one and a half years now has been a unique experience. I stayed one year in Atlanta and took care of two kids. I love them so much. I’m currently I’m in San Francisco taking care off 5 amazing kids 🙂

I learned so much, especially with taking care of kids in preparation for my  own family. And I also improved my English skills lots.

My Host family loves traveling and so do I.  I was able to see so many different places all over the USA.

What I love about Christian Au Pair is that you will receive help in finding a Christian family, which was really important to me.

I love my Host Family. They help me to grow personally, spirituality and treat me like a daughter. Now, I will always have two American families.

If you’re adventurous, you love kids and are open to another country then this is for you!!